A workplace for all: Developing a culture of inclusivity

Juliana Tan, Human Resource Director, UNIQLO Singapore, shares the clothing apparel company’s strategies for creating a fulfilling work environment.
By: | February 1, 2023

It is necessary to build an inclusive and diverse workplace culture where everyone is respected, valued, and able to succeed. This supports the establishment of a “For All” culture, which Juliana Tan, Human Resource Director, UNIQLO Singapore, believes to be one of the main trends in HR this year.

Tan described a “For All” culture as one which supports employees seeking a greater sense of purpose and, encourages learning and development so that they continue to thrive, and lastly, making sure their voices are heard.

She told HRM Asia, “We have observed employees looking for greater connection and deeper purpose in their work. This includes their active participation when we support causes with a social impact, such as packing Christmas giftpacks for beneficiaries of the Community Chest, the philanthropy and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service in Singapore, as well as coastal beach clean-ups every quarter.”

Creating work environments in which its diverse workforce is provided with equal opportunities to develop their potential and face challenges remains a commitment for Uniqlo, Tan highlighted. For instance, in addition to regular sharing sessions conducted by UNIQLO leadership in various functions, the Japanese clothing company also holds talk sessions where female executives discuss their career experience and the opportunities and challenges they may face.

“Having equal access to opportunities also extends to training and development. We actively encourage every employee to think like a leader and equip them with the knowledge and skills to become values-driven leaders,” Tan said.

She explained that this involves gathering employees from the headquarters for a day every six months to discuss and learn from case studies in other countries. Additionally, UNIQLO has developed the UNIQLO StyleHint App, where employees undergo training workshops to develop their content creation skills and grow confidence in their styling counsel as they take on the role of UNIQLO LifeWear style ambassadors.

To ensure the continued development of employees, Uniqlo is also planning to conduct customised classroom training with external partners to complement existing training conducted in-house, Tan shared.