Apple CEO Tim Cook believes remote working is here to stay

Apple employees have been working remotely since the start of the pandemic and CEO Tim Cook has been impressed by how they adapted to it.
By: | September 23, 2020

Apple CEO Tim Cook is impressed by the employees’ ability to work remotely and predicts there will be permanent changes to the way of work after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tech giant has allowed its employees to work from home since the start of the pandemic and announced in August that they can continue working from home until early 2021.

And the company has managed to launch its new iPads and iWatch on September 17 despite most of its employees working remotely.

During an interview at The Atlantic Festival on Monday, Cook said he doesn’t believe Apple will “return to the way we were because we’ve found that there are some things that actually work really well virtually”.

He also revealed that 10-15% of Apple employees have gone back to the office and he hopes the majority of staff can return to the company’s new campus in Silicon Valley sometime next year.

Cook said he does go back to the office on some days during the week, and admitted that remote work is “not like being together physically” which sparks creativity during impromptu meetings.