Apple is helping more companies customize their own apps

CEO Tim Cook explains how businesses can create apps just for use within their organisation during his trip to Singapore.
By: | December 17, 2019

While sales of the Apple iPhone may have taken a dip, there is one division of the tech giant that is growing faster than expected – Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program.

The developer programme lets large organisations and businesses (those with at least 100 employees) customise their own in-house apps on the iOS platform. These apps can then only be used and distributed within the organisation and for its employees.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Singapore last week to meet with Singapore Airlines, one of the country’s biggest employers and an early adopter of bespoke Apple apps internally.

Talking about Apple’s Enterprise business, Cook said: “It’s something (we are) ploughing more resources into. We’re continuing to invest more. Quite frankly the business is growing fast and we want to make sure we’re putting enough in there.”

Singapore Airlines apps covers daily operations for about half of its workforce and includes flight, airport and lounge operations. For example, the technology helps pilots consolidate information such as flight plans, weather forecasts and fuel load without the need lots of printouts.