Are holograms the future of recruitment?

As HR becomes more technology-focused, holograms could make the leap from Hollywood movies to a real-life recruitment tool.
By: | November 15, 2019

Digital transformations are happening all around us, and within our own companies. But are we ready for holograms in the workplace? Andrew Chan, co-founder of AiMYJOBS, seems to think so. He predicts the use of holograms as part of the future interview process.

‘’Hologram interviews may no longer be a thing in the movies. Unlike stereoscopic displays, holographic displays provide all the visual cues to simulate reality. As such, you get the full experience and visual connection of a live interview without being physically there,’’ he said.

As a result, companies, particularly multinational ones, can save significant time and money. More employers are now moving towards using voice profiling to assist with their interview processes. Such vocal analytics allow companies to screen and evaluate a candidates’ likability, charm and potential fit for the company.

‘’Likewise, hologram interviews will be able to incorporate data analytics to fully capture and study nuances like tone and bodily cues that might otherwise be overlooked during a face-to-face interview,’’ added Chan.

Though largely underdeveloped, hologram technology is recently gaining traction in some industries. ‘’Brands like Huawei and CNN News have also began experimenting with hologram interviews – this Star Wars dream of ours is definitely no longer a mere speculation’’.

However, Chan does feel there will probably be a lead period for acceptance by candidates to gain the comfort and confidence needed for natural conversational flow.