Asian employers keen to employ overseas returnees

Companies value the experience they bring to the table with Hong Kong the most eager to employ returnees.
By: | August 20, 2019

The majority of hiring managers across Asia (eight out of 10) are keen on employing overseas returnees, according to the latest research from Hays. Its 2019 Overseas Returnee Report highlights the key benefits they bring when returning to their home country. These include having a different perspective on business.
Employers across five markets were asked about the qualities local returnees bring to their organisations. While 79% voted ‘different perspectives on business’, this was followed closely by 76% who said ‘cross-cultural awareness’ and 67% who cited ‘overseas commercial experience’ as key advantages of having overseas returnees in their workforce.
The keenest employers were Hong Kong (88%) and Mainland China (87%), while the least keen were Japanese employers (67%). Many firms hold in high regard the international experience and local cultural understanding that overseas returnees can offer in the country’s globalised economy.
Despite the demand, employers in Hong Kong are the least willing to pay a premium salary for overseas returnees who possess the skills needed to drive business growth, with three in five unwilling. Across Asia, two in five say they will not offer packages different to local talent.
In Singapore, returnees were among the least expectant when it came to salary expectations. Almost half (45 per cent) were open to having the same remuneration as when they were working overseas.