Australia addresses workforce skills and training needs

A bill has been passed to establish the permanent functions and governance arrangements for the newly established Jobs and Skills Australia agency.
By: | March 23, 2023

Established in November 2022, the Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) is an independent agency responsible for providing advice to the Australian government to underpin Australia’s response to current, emerging, and future labour market and workforce skills and training needs.

With the JSA Amendment Bill, a tripartite Ministerial Advisory Board including representatives from state and territory governments, unions, employers, and experts, will be established. Brendan O’Connor, Australia’s Minister for Skills and Training, said that advice from the Ministerial Advisory Board would ensure JSA’s guidance to the government on current and emerging workforce needs was informed by a wide range of views, insights, and expertise.

He continued, “A lack of skilled employees is one of the biggest economic challenges currently facing Australia, and JSA will play a critical role in addressing Australia’s current and emerging workforce skills and training needs. A permanently established JSA will develop a work plan to help the Australian government improve skill development, employment opportunities, and economic growth.”

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JSA will take an economy-wide perspective in identifying where skills shortages exist and project where they are likely to be in the future. New proposed functions include providing advice on the demand and availability of employees in particular industry and occupations, a greater focus on analysis of regional, rural, and remote locations, as well as supporting decision making in relation to Australia’s Migration Programme.