Australia identifies digital and tech as key skills in next four years

Four of the top 10 skills come from the skills family of ‘computers and electronics’, highlighted the National Skills Commission.
By: | March 11, 2022

Australia’s National Skills Commission (NSC) has highlighted digital and tech skills as one of the top 10 skills that are slated to grow the most in the next four years. 

“With the growing use of technology throughout our lives, it’s not surprising that the fastest growing skills clusters in the immediate future are ‘test computer or software performance’ and ‘resolve computer application or systems issues’. The first is expected to grow by 28% and the second by 25%,” said National Skills Commissioner Adam Boyton.

Four of the top 10 skills come from the skills family of ‘computers and electronics’. The skill of ‘develop websites or software’ came in sixth place, at 21% expected growth, while ‘ICT support, design and management’ came in ninth place, at 20% expected growth.

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The skills group of ‘developing and administering testing routines or procedures’ came in third place, which applies to those working in technology, health environments like rehab and psychology or counselling, and a wide range of teaching jobs. 

Meanwhile, ‘undertake food service activities’ came in fifth place, with growth of just over 20% expected as the industry bounces back from the pandemic.