Australia needs 650,000 more workers to reach 1.2 million tech jobs goal

To achieve that, the government aims to fix gaps in education and training products and pathways and improve the diversity of the tech workforce.
By: | August 3, 2022

To meet its goal of reaching 1.2 million tech-related jobs by 2030, Australia will require 650,000 more tech workers, highlighted a survey by the Tech Council of Australia (TCA).

“The report finds that Australia will need an additional 650,000 tech workers by 2030 to meet the 2030 target and we can only do that if the tech industry and the government works closely together,” said Ed Husic, Australia’s Minister for Industry and Science

To that end, the government will be acting on five key areas. 

These include increasing the understanding and awareness of job opportunities; fixing gaps in education and training products and pathways; improving the diversity of the tech workforce; targeting skilled migration to areas of high need and greatest shortages; and improving industry-level supply and demand analysis.

“One of my early priorities as minister will be to organise a roundtable to meet with key stakeholders in the tech sector to work towards shared goals,” Husic said. 

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He added: “We will create an environment for success by building our national training system, backing final year student and graduate entrepreneurs, and buying and making things in Australia.”