Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider (Gold)

Scotwork Asia is the Gold Winner of the Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider award at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.
By: | November 17, 2022
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Warren G. Langley, CEO of Scotwork Asia, received the Gold Award for Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.

The ability of effective leaders to drive workplace transformation is crucial in a business environment that is constantly changing. Besides creating a vision for the future and being focused on expectations in the new world of work, leaders must also be prepared to make tough decisions and take risks while also providing support and accessibility to their employees during the transition period.

For Scotwork Asia, the business management consultancy has been transforming the capability of local leaders and their teams for almost 30 years. Despite challenging times during the pandemic, the company has experienced its most successful two years to date in helping leaders across the ASEAN region develop their teams to be the best they can be, said Warren G. Langley, CEO of Scotwork Asia.

He explained, “Leaders need lasting change. Scotwork’s results are built on a deep-rooted understanding from 50 years of global experience coupled with the latest insights from our extensive research agenda, making all transformations in line with current trends and the need to futureproof.”

Scotwork specialises in negotiation training. Advancing Negotiation Skills (A.N.S.) is its flagship negotiation programme, which is also available as an online version called Virtual Advancing Negotiation Skills. The interactive sessions include a challenging mix of practical exercises, online tools, video analysis and bite-sized lectures from expert coaches.

Other programmes Scotwork has in its portfolio include Scotwork Negotiating Essentials, as well as Negotiating Foundation Workshop, which are offered as introductory programmes, while the Masters and Coaching Negotiating Skills courses provide more focused expertise.

Due to the emerging virtual working environment experienced by businesses worldwide over the past two years, Scotwork Asia has been able to achieve equivalent satisfaction scores for both virtual and classroom programmes alike. These were the many reasons that earned the company the Gold Award under the Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider category.

Langley concluded, “The sustainable change our programme delivers for business leaders continues to outperform the market, but often tends to be delivered behind the scenes so it is great to be recognised by HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards with the Gold Award as the Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider.”

“We have some exciting development launching over the next six months based on the insights from the largest ever research project into corporate capability, with inputs from 17,148 leaders from 532 companies across 31 sectors and we look forward to sharing these with the readers and our loyal alumni.”

Scotwork has coached hundreds of thousands of senior managers worldwide in 29 languages, and is one of the largest independent negotiation consultancies, operating in 120 countries with 46 offices. After more than 45 years and more than 25 years in Asia, Scotwork has empowered people with skills to transform their lives and support businesses to achieve greater success.