Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider (Silver)

Scotwork Asia wins Silver for Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider at Readers’ Choice Awards 2023.
By: | November 14, 2023
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Stepping forward to receive the Best HR Tech – Leadership Development Provider award on behalf of Scotwork Asia from one of Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 judges Dr Tanvi Gautam (right) was Grace Soo, Director of Operations, South-East Asia, Scotwork Asia.

Scotwork Asia has jointly clinched Silver for Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider.

Their ability to keep transforming the capabilities of local leaders and their teams has been one that the organisation has been perfecting for nearly three decades.  “Our work is often the secret sauce behind the scenes,” said Warren G. Langley, CEO, Scotwork Asia. “In more recent times the pressure on leaders to deliver best practice right across the value chain, both internally and externally, has seen our work in building core competencies gain greater and greater recognition.” 

With a specialisation in negotiation training, Scotwork Asia’s flagship negotiation programme, the Advancing Negotiation Skills (ANS) is one that is taught by expert Coaches. Participants will actively learn through a mix of practical exercises, online preparation tools, video analysis and coached debriefing which amounts to 80% of the programme, and the remaining 20% in lectures.

Langley attributes Scotwork Asia’s continuous success to always challenging themselves to go higher, setting higher and higher benchmarks for best practices to drive the organisation on. “We’ve successfully supported leaders and their teams to bounce back even stronger from the challenges of the last few years, delivering even higher ROI despite unprecedented times,” he said. 

Since 1975, Scotwork Asia has been at the forefront of creating greater engagement and application by blending global reach with rich local knowledge. Operating in 120 countries with 48 offices and training in 29 languages, it empowers organisations of all sizes to deliver transformation and ROI. With 48 years of global experience (28 in Asia), Scotwork Asia continues to set best practices, equipping individuals with skills for success.