Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider (Silver)

ODE Consulting is the Silver Winner of the Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider award at the HRM Readers' Choice Awards 2021.
By: | December 2, 2021

Teo Jin Lee, Founder and Managing Director, ODE Consulting, receives the Silver Award for Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider.

ODE Consulting was established in 1996, 25 years ago, to be able to make a difference and for their clients to “Experience the P.A.S.S.I.O.N”. ODE’s ability is to design holistic, integrated, and innovative solutions that transform organisations, individuals, and teams by embedding culture and delivering tangible business outcomes.

ODE, Organisation Development Excellence,  brings to bear their expertise in organisational development through their learning, coaching, and consulting practices. In addition, their 3 lines of business, which include the innovative platform, P.R.I.M.E Avobot, which changes the nature of learning and to make learning needs based and purpose-driven; Culture in the Workplace; which focuses on organisational culture and cross-culture; and Academy for Mastery, which certifies coaches, consultants, and cross-cultural practitioners.

ODE’s research during the pandemic has brought to the fore the importance of the 6Rs; Reimagine, Recalibrate, Realign, Build Resilience, Rebuild and Reskill. Over the past two years, ODE has been helping their clients in driving the 6Rs with significant results. Their case studies tell the stories of how the 6Rs have made a difference in organisations.

ODE is proud to have been awarded the Silver Award for Best Corporate – Leadership Development Provider, and Bronze Award for Best Corporate – Learning & Development Provider, at Readers’ Choice Awards 2021. “It is extremely special to us as the primary selection criteria are via votes from organisations and clients we have worked with over the years” said Ms Teo Jin Lee, Founder and Managing Director, ODE. “This is a testimony to the trust, relationship and excellent track record we have built up with our customers. Thank you to all our clients who have supported us over the past 25 years.”

Since 1996, ODE Consulting has been delivering award-winning, cutting-edge, bespoke solutions to future-proof businesses and leaders and deliver return on learning. As an Approved Training Organisation in Singapore since 2008, ODE offers a funded Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) strategic leadership roadmap.