Best Corporate – Training Provider (Gold)

The Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) wins Gold for Best Corporate – Training Provider at Readers’ Choice Awards 2023.
By: | November 14, 2023
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Roger Wang, President of MIS, receives Gold for Best Corporate – Training Provider at Readers’ Choice Awards 2023.

Corporate training is something that, more often than not, provides the foundational basics for organisations that want the best for their employees. Training, for example, takes time, and for professionals with busy, enriching lives, training courses have to work in tandem and harmony with the needs of these professionals. At the same time, professionals require good teachers, not just experienced and well-qualified employees who may not have the patience and ability to guide these students through. 

Organisations that offer that are few and far between, and one such organisation that has consistently been providing high-grade, quality training, that name may just be the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS)

The organisation, recipient of the Gold for Best Corporate – Training Provider at the Readers’ Choice Awards, offers a wide range of corporate training programmes in all aspects of marketing, whether it be digital and social media marketing, brand management and customer relationship management. 

“The Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) is proud to announce that it has won Gold in the Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Corporate Training Provider,” said Roger Wang, President of MIS. “This award is a testament to MIS’s commitment to providing rigorously high-quality corporate training that helps professionals stay ahead of the curve in today’s ever-changing marketplace.”

What sets MIS apart from its competitors is its experienced and qualified trainers, who are passionate about helping professionals learn and grow. The organisation’s corporate training programmes are delivered by experienced and qualified trainers who are passionate about helping professionals learn and grow. These trainers use a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, case studies, group discussions, and hands-on exercises, to ensure that students learn effectively and retain the information they need. This comprehensive teaching process means that professionals leave the classes feeling educated, clear and confident about the work they do. 

In addition, the organisation offers a large variety of other services to the marketing community. This ranges from networking events to workshops, and conferences. The organisation is also a member of the Asia Marketing Federation (AMF), which allows MIS to provide its members with access to a wide range of resources and benefits. With those resources in mind, it is perhaps understandable why clients work with MIS, and how the organisation has developed a name in helping professionals become experts and in turn leaders for tomorrow. 

“MIS is committed to helping professionals develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the marketing industry,” said Wang. Thanking their clients for their support for the last nine years, as well as HRM Magazine Asia for recognizing the work they have done for many years, Wang continued, “MIS is proud to be recognised as the leading provider of corporate training in Singapore, and MIS looks forward to continuing to help professionals achieve their career goals.”

Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) is the national body for sales and marketing. Founded in 1973, the MIS has been the premier corporate training provider in the areas of learning and development. Over the years, MIS has nurtured countless sales, marketing and business practitioners, and has provided ample networking opportunities through a diverse series of guru talks and events.