Best Corporate Wellness Solutions Provider (Gold)

The Resilience Institute received Gold for Best Corporate Wellness Solutions Provider.
By: | November 14, 2023
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Manish Arneja, Managing Partner – South-East Asia at The Resilience Institute, raises the trophy for Gold for Best Corporate Wellness Solutions Provider at Readers’ Choice Awards.

Organisations worldwide are increasingly prioritising employee wellbeing and addressing burnout. The Resilience Institute’s achievement of Gold for Best Corporate Wellness Solutions Provider at Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 signifies its commitment to fostering sustainable resilience and wellbeing at individual, team, and organisational levels. 

Manish Arneja, Managing Partner – South-East Asia at The Resilience Institute, emphasised the evolving nature of employee wellness solutions, and said, “It’s no longer about the foosball table in the pantry or gym membership but developing strategies and tools to enhance emotional, cognitive, and physiological wellbeing.”  

The Resilience Institute’s approach combines science, technology, and a human-centred philosophy to enhance human capital within organisations. This journey includes resilience measurement, change management, and employee training in essential skills and practices that boost workplace performance.

One of their offerings is the Resilience Diagnostic toolkit, a 60-factor assessment tool. It enables organisations to measure and enhance employee resilience, and provide individuals with a resilience score, insights into strengths and risks, and personalised daily practices to enhance performance and wellbeing. 

Arneja expressed his gratitude for the trust and partnerships built with clients and their employees. He emphasised the critical role of measurable wellbeing solutions in today’s challenging global environment, stating, “Whether it’s geo-political tensions which have a knock-on effect on organisations or the pressures of family, daily life, and social media, all of which converge to create pressure, anxiety, and mental fatigue. Our clients recognise we must make things measurable or else it will never be a priority and we are proud to be their strategic partner in this area.”  

Founded in 2002, The Resilience Institute is a global partner for sustainable organisational worldwide and conducts research on resilience, wellbeing and performance.