Best Employer of Records Service Provider (Gold)

Globalization Partners is the Gold Winner of the Best Employer of Records Service Provider award at the HRM Readers' Choice Awards 2020.
By: | November 13, 2020
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Employer of Record (EOR) services are growing increasingly important for global business, enabling companies to hire the best talent anywhere in the world without the complexity of setting up foreign branch offices or subsidiaries.

Companies are able to bypass over the legal, HR and tax complexities without having to figure out for themselves “how” to do business in a foreign country, while getting all the benefits of a global team.

Introduced as a new category at Readers’ Choice Awards 2020, the Best Employer of Record Service Provider saw Globalization Partners deservedly walk away with the Gold Award.

Charles Ferguson, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Globalization Partners, said, “This is indeed a golden moment for us. It warms our hearts to be recognised and selected by our customers, industry partners, friends, and readers of HRM Asia. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank all those who supported Globalization Partners and gave their vote of confidence.

“Amidst these challenging times, we must all celebrate successes, big and small. Trust that we will be celebrating this Best EOR Service Provider recognition in a big way by continuously innovating and forming meaningful partnerships to help businesses succeed as they expand in the APAC region and beyond.”

Earlier this year, Globalization Partners was also recognised by NelsonHall as an industry leader in EOR in 2020. The company, said NelsonHall, has demonstrated strengths in expertise, technology and delivery model in an industry that is expected to reach US$1.1 billion growth by 2024.

And as companies increasingly look to employ talent internationally in support of global expansion activities, deploying an EOR has bever been more relevant, as Ferguson explained, “The pandemic has resulted in companies redefining their strategy to find opportunities in new markets. In addition, with remote working becoming the norm, businesses are able to easily and compliantly hire the highly skilled talent they need even if they are located outside of their home country of operation.”

Offering 24/7/365 premium support services, Globalization Partners have teams and offices worldwide with their global headquarters located in Boston and California, and regional offices in London, Ireland, Singapore and Dubai.

Globalization Partners enables companies to quickly and easily expand internationally. Their solution allows companies to hire employees in as little as 12 hours without having to navigate complex international issues. Globalization Partners’ innovative platform is Privacy Shield certified for HR Data, and has consistently attained 97% customer satisfaction ratings by making it easy for companies to go global.

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