Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution (Gold)

Multiplier is the joint Gold Award winner of the Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution award at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.
By: | November 17, 2022
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Amritpal Singh, Commercial Director at Multiplier, received the Gold Award for Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2022.

In today’s competitive market, access to a global talent pool could mean the difference between stagnation and growth. Although many business leaders are starting to look outside of their borders in search of the best talent, they remain sceptical about managing a cross-border workforce, said Amritpal Singh, Commercial Director at Multiplier.

To better support businesses hiring on a global scale, Multiplier developed a user-friendly SaaS platform that enables global teams to efficiently manage their HR operations, improve productivity, and achieve greater agility.

Aside from the core solutions Multiplier provides, the company’s platform features added-value benefits such as access to a salary calculator which allows companies to easily evaluate the average salary compensations across multiple specialities. Furthermore, Multiplier has created a company explorer database to provide users with a comprehensive overview and analysis regarding employment across more than 150 countries worldwide.

To this end, the Gold Award for Best HR Tech – Outsourcing Solution was jointly awarded to Multiplier, which has been supporting HR leaders in their hiring process since its establishment in 2020. Calling this recognition a testament to the premium customer-centricity and quality of Multiplier’s services, Amritpal extended his gratitude to Multiplier’s customers and expressed how the Multiplier team is “thrilled” to be presented with the Gold Award. He also reaffirmed the company’s commitment to being the best HR partner for its customers.

Amritpal continued, “As a differentiating partner for many global companies worldwide, Multiplier recognises the challenges of onboarding remote employees. The solution to that is an equipment feature which allows companies to provide laptops and other related accessories to their global employees hassle-free. This allows companies to select from a catalogue and raise a request for specific model directly from the platform, all within a few clicks.”

For instance, the equipment feature relieves Multiplier’s customers of the hassle of purchasing, accounting, and delivering IT assets such as laptops, headphones, and mice in foreign countries themselves. Furthermore, they do not have to leave their employees in a situation by having to pay for equipment upfront and wait months for reimbursements, he said.

“Also, there is no other employment platform in the world that can customise, generate, and endorse a multilingual employment contract in 150 countries in just a few clicks, taking only a couple of minutes from start to finish. Our platform makes employment easy, efficient, and compliant,” he concluded.

Multiplier was founded in 2020 to simplify how companies hire, pay, and manage employees in countries without a local legal entity. With over 150 entities and partnerships established worldwide, Multiplier’s platform simplifies the employment process by taking charge of the complexities involved in expanding and employing in new markets.

By addressing the issues of global employment, Multiplier is helping eliminate borders to redistribute the supply and demand of global talent by providing opportunities for people and scaling companies across the world.