Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution (Silver)

ADP wins Silver for Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution at Readers’ Choice Awards 2023.
By: | November 14, 2023
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Stepping forward to receive the Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution Silver award on behalf of ADP was Ho Chee Tiong, Global Sales Director for ADP. 

ADP, recognised for its global presence and extensive experience in the human capital management solutions industry, was awarded Silver in the Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution category. ADP’s comprehensive suite of services and solutions empowers organisations across Asia-Pacific to streamline HR processes, boost efficiency, and achieve their growth objectives.

Amit Patel, Head of Sales, Southeast Asia, ADP, said, “Our payroll expertise and solutions in Asia-Pacific are designed to meet the requirements of organisations of all sizes operating in the region and globally, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing while complying with local regulations. This capability is particularly valuable for local and multinational organisations with operations in multiple countries.” 

In today’s business environment, the threat of cybersecurity breaches and physical disruptions looms large. ADP’s approach to security includes robust measures and investments to provide its clients with peace of mind, knowing that their sensitive data is well-protected. “These capabilities enable organisations in the region to drive growth in an increasingly competitive market, whilst streamlining their HR process, improving the employee experience and enhancing efficiency,” he concluded.

Established in 1949, ADP helps clients focus on their business by freeing them from non-core payroll tasks. ADP innovates to anticipate the future of work and address critical workforce needs. Its solutions are flexible, secure, and compliant, and offer clients insights to help them better manage their human capital.