Best HR Tech – Talent Management System

ASI Asia Pacific is the Gold Winner of the Best HR Tech - Talent Management System award at the HRM Readers' Choice Awards 2020.
By: | November 13, 2020
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With talent becoming increasingly mobile and globalised in the new world of work, the role of talent management has never been more critical and challenging for organisations. Moreover, in this digitalised age where there is more data and information than ever before, technology is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for employers to better manage and engage their talent.

The HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2020 looks to honour Talent Management solutions providers who are industry leaders in technology and innovation to empower organisations in the region to navigate the ever-changing world of talent management.

Scooping the coveted Gold Award for Best HR Tech – Talent Management System is ASI Asia Pacific. It’s SMART PLATFORM (Online Employee Assessment Platform) has been given the deserved recognition by the voters of HRM Asia as well as HR professionals in the region.

The SMART PLATFORM is Indonesia’s first Online Employee Assessment Platform to be exported to an international market, thanks to such benefits as animated and mobile-friendly assessments, use of Artificial Intelligence for improving accuracy, hosting ASI Asia Pacific’s extensive assessment portfolio measuring personality, motivation, skill, ability, and behaviour, as well as providing an incredibly user-friendly interface for both clients and candidates. 

This is the second Gold Award that ASI Asia Pacific has been handed at the HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2020, with their SMART AC (Virtual Assessment and Development Centre) being crowned as the Best HR Tech – Employee Performance Management Solution.

Kevin Thompson, ASI Asia Pacific’s Managing Director, said that the company is mobing beyond just delivering world class solutions for employers, but also to groom the next generation of talent.

“We originally built both technologies to ensure all Indonesian organisations remain globally competitive in the areas of talent management. But then we realised that we could achieve so much more. Indonesia’s high schools are the breeding grounds for its future talent,”  he said.

“There are approximately five million active senior high school students each year in Indonesia. Yet the ability for all to access career guidance support still has a lot of room for improvement. To help address this issue, we created ONE4ONE, a CSR program where for every candidate assessed, we will donate a free career guidance assessment to an Indonesian High School student. The assessment is called IniAku. I am confident that with the international exposure these awards bring, even more high school students will now have access to free career guidance.”

ASI identifies future leaders through their cutting-edge, talent management technology.

Their vision, MAKING HR SIMPLE, is what they believe is the key to expanding an organisation’s human resource potential. They do that by creating ground-breaking HR innovations, by making their products more accessible through technological initiatives and by making a positive impact in the clients with whom they work.

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