Best Organisational Deployment of HR Services/Technology Solution (Gold)

The Public Service Division has received Gold for Best Organisational Deployment of HR Services/Technology Solution.
By: | November 14, 2023
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Vincent Kwok, Project Director, Cumulus, Public Service Division, receives the Gold for Best Organisational Deployment of HR Services/Technology Solution at the podium at the Readers’ Choice Awards.

The Singapore Public Service has achieved a significant milestone by consolidating multiple public agencies onto a shared HR management, finance, and payroll software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. The Cumulus Project, honoured with Gold for Best Organisational Deployment of HR Services/Technology Solution at Readers’ Choice Awards 2023, is a key part of the Singapore Public Service’s transformation efforts.  

To date, the Cumulus Project has successfully onboarded 41 Statutory Boards, encompassing a total workforce of 52,000, onto the Workday platform. This transformation involves harmonising HR and payroll processes across public sector agencies and leveraging technological innovations such as AI, machine learning, natural language processing chatbots, cloud computing and global industry best practices.  

Teoh Zsin Woon, Permanent Secretary (Development) at the Public Service Division (PSD), emphasised the project’s wider objectives, including enhancing data integrity and quality, crucial for data analytics and data-driven policy decisions. It also facilitates talent exchanges between Statutory Boards, offering public offers the prospect of ‘One Purpose, Many Possibilities’ within the Singapore Public Service.  

What makes this accomplishment even more remarkable is that it was achieved during the height of the pandemic, a challenge that could have detailed even the most robust initiatives. However, the close partnership and support of the 41 Statutory Boards allowed the project to overcome these adversities and emerge even stronger.  

The journey of the Cumulus Project is far from over. Teoh shared that the PSD and Account-General’s Department have been actively engaging agencies post-Go Live to collect feedback and co-solution enhancements. The next phase involves leveraging innovations to enhance employee experiences further.  

“This was a mammoth project and we would not have been able to do it without the strong support and dedication of our public sector agencies, especially the HR and finance professionals in the Singapore Public Sector,” she concluded.  

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