Best Recruitment Firm: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (Gold)

MCI Outsourcing received Gold for Best Recruitment Firm: Recruitment Process Outsourcing.
By: | November 14, 2023
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Ryan Ng (left), Outsourcing Chief Executive Officer, MCI, receives Gold for Best Recruitment Firm: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, from judge Dr Derrick Kon (right), CEO Solutions.

Recruitment is a crucial part of human resource management, as the competition heats up to secure the best talent. The best recruitment firms are those who help organisations headhunt talent and match employees with the differing needs of the organisations.  
MCI Outsourcing was bestowed with Gold for the Best Recruitment Firm: Recruitment Process Outsourcing, the first award of its kind at the Readers’ Choice Awards 2023. As MCI Outsourcing Chief Executive Officer Ryan Ng explained, the challenges of human resource management and talent acquisition are ever-evolving, and their aim has always been to become partners and trusted advisors to their clients.  
Ng attributed the winning of this award to their clients, as they believe the success of MCI Outsourcing and their clients are intrinsically linked. “This award is a reflection of the trust our clients have placed in us, and we are humbled and grateful for their continued partnership,” Ng said. “By performing various business functions on behalf of our clients, we allow them to focus on their core activities while enjoying the flexibility and scalability of our services. As a result, our clients benefitted from an overall increase in efficiency and greater synergy of work processes.” What makes MCI Outsourcing stand out from their competitors is their ability to innovate and provide full integration of service to their clients, which include customising solutions that lets them address their clients’ immediate needs, but also contribute to mutual long-term success while maximising productivity and cost effectiveness.  
When asked what winning the Gold means for MCI, Ng explained that it means that the way MCI has approached solutions with clients is resonating and encouraged them to keep pushing the boundaries of excellence.  “It’s a testament to the dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment of each and every member of the MCI family, and reflects the countless hours of effort, the continuous pursuit of excellence, and the unyielding determination that has fuelled our journey in providing top-notch recruitment and outsourcing solutions.” concluded Ng.

With a portfolio of over 120 client services, MCI Outsourcing has established a strong presence in the industry as one of the leading outsourcing companies specialising in providing customised, integrated end-to-end solutions to manage operations across various industries.