Career trends that will shape the workplace in 2023

Among the career trends that are expected to gain traction next year are flexible work arrangements, and four-day work weeks.
By: | December 7, 2022

In 2023, employers will start offering hyper-flexible working arrangements, including international remote working and four-day workweeks at full wages, noted professional accounting body CPA as it predicts future trends shaping the workforce.

Dr Jane Rennie, General Manager for Media and Content, CPA Australia, said, “Allowing employees to work from home will no longer be enough to attract candidates in a tight jobs market.”

Instead of climbing the traditional career ladder, employees will also navigate their careers by climbing a “career lattice”, as Dr Rennie explained, “Stepping sideways, changing industries and taking secondments into unexpected roles will become the norm.”

It is also predicted that employees will seek employment at workplaces that fit their individual needs rather than pursuing positions at large, globally recognised companies or small workplaces where they may have a significant impact on the business.

To that end, CPA believes more Australians will look beyond their pay cheque and seek out work with a positive impact, following the financial and emotional upheaval brought on by the pandemic.

“We expect more people to specifically seek out work that allows them to pay their skills forward,” she said.

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CPA also predicts that more CFOs will be promoted to CEOs next year. “Accounting and finance professionals are valued for their technical expertise and problem-solving skills,” Dr Rennie explained, which “have been in high demand during the pandemic and other global crises.”