Deel and Carta forge partnership to simplify global equity administration

The integration between both platforms enables the syncing of equity events to simplify global payroll and tax compliance for multinational organisations.
By: | May 17, 2024

Deel has announced a partnership with Carta, an equity management platform, aimed at streamlining the process of exercising stock options for international employees. This collaboration seeks to automate global equity tax withholding and ensure compliance with diverse tax regulations.

This integration allows organisations using both platforms to sync equity events. When global employees exercise their options, Deel will log these transactions, calculate local taxes, and handle payment collection for local authorities. Employees will be able to pay for their option exercises in their home currencies, with Deel managing foreign exchange and ensuring the correct amount is forwarded to the organisation in USD.

Reed McBride, Vice-President, Strategic Partnerships and Ecosystem Development, Carta, said, “Our integration empowers organisations to confidently provide global equity to their international team members while ensuring simplified funds flows for option exercises, with precise tax withholdings. By blending Carta’s technology with Deel’s compliance know-how, we’re pioneering accessible ownership opportunities for international teams.”

In addition to this partnership, Deel has announced enhancements to Deel Equity, expanding support for more equity types and providing detailed information such as vesting schedules, grant details, expiration dates, and comprehensive documentation. Organisations can now monitor their employees’ compensation through built-in reports covering benefits, equity payroll, and more.

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The integration will initially cover Deel Employer of Record (EOR) and Deel Global Payroll employees in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Singapore, with plans to extend coverage to additional countries soon.

Ryan Freeman, Head of Partnerships at Deel, concluded, “We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to simplify global workforce management, and this integration embodies our commitment to helping organisations navigate the complexities of cross-border equity administration. Together with Carta, we’re making global ownership accessible to all, helping organisations create more engaged and motivated teams.”