Employees in Hong Kong welcome new job opportunities

Demonstrating career proactivity and a desire for better opportunities, more employees are less likely to stay with their current employers for long.
By: | August 2, 2023

Job hopping is becoming more popular amongst employees and job applicants in Hong Kong, with four in five employees looking to change jobs even if they had started a new position within the last year.

And while almost half of employees (49%) reported experiencing job satisfaction in their current work, four in five are open to new employment opportunities even if they have just started a new position within the last year.

According to Michael Page’s new “Talent Trends 2023: The Invisible Revolution” report, which surveyed 1,042 employees in Hong Kong, more than half of the respondents in the survey (56%) are also actively seeking new jobs, showing increased career proactivity and desire for better opportunities and conditions. Three in ten employees report feeling affected by the cost-of-living crisis, and 19% had not received a pay rise in the last two years, suggesting that that they are prioritising monetary renumeration when it comes to choosing a workplace or staying in their current organisation. 

Nicholas Kirk, CEO at PageGroup, said that the trends in Hong Kong were reflective of the global talent market, citing the trends as fundamental to the way the workplace is shaped and how businesses attract and retain talent. “These are not fleeting trends or reactionary responses to a period of turbulence,” he said.

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In light of this, Michael Page recommended that employers rethink how they recruit and hire top talent, suggesting that continuous recruitment is key rather than hiring on-demand. They also said that employers should look into a clear, well-defined set of benefits that employees receive in return for the skills, capabilities and experience they bring into the company, which goes beyond pay and flexibility to better attract new staff or retain existing talent.