Employees in Malaysia lack opportunities to upskill and reskill

While employees in Malaysia recognise that upskilling and reskilling is essential, many are not receiving opportunities from their employers.
By: | July 10, 2023

While many employees in Malaysia see upskilling and reskilling as essential, they are not receiving adequate opportunities or support from their employers. This in turn, is causing anxiety over potential job joss and making them consider leaving their jobs for better career growth opportunities.

According to Randstad’s new Employer Brand Report, rapid technological advancements like AI and automation have changed the way jobs are done, leading to a talent gap and heightened concerns about job security.

To cope with this change, 81% of respondents in Malaysia considered professional development important, yet only 61% of them were able to utilise opportunities such as career promotions, mentorship or exchange programmes, as well as networking at seminars or conferences. 17 out of 20 respondents agreed that upskilling and re-skilling were important to them, but fewer than a quarter (24%) of respondents receive enough training opportunities and support from their employers. Millennials surveyed were most likely the ones invested in upskilling and re-skilling at 61%, followed by over half of Gen X (53%) and a little under half for Gen Z (49%).

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The survey suggested that more companies should implement new training, learning and development programmes for employees to not just foster a culture of continuous learning and help employees improve their technical and soft skills, but also better position them as an employer of choice as talent in Malaysia for a diverse talent pool. These initiatives, Randstad added, will help employees feel more valued within their company and thus less likely to leave.