Employees in Singapore seek new employment opportunities in 2023

Employees are also recognising the importance of upgrading their skills and learning new ones to expand their career options.
By: | January 19, 2023

In the next six months, almost half of the employees in Singapore (49%) intend to change jobs and many are recognising the importance of learning new skills to improve their employability.

According to a CuriousCore survey, 54% of respondents are interested in keeping the same job in a similar field, whereas 40% prefer to pursue new roles in different industries. For the latter group, 77% recognise the need to upgrade their skills to obtain a job in a new sector. Only 24% of respondents stated that they were prepared for changes in the workplace, which may indicate a greater desire to learn new skills.

As to what is the main impediment to learning new skills, time (71%) was cited as the primary factor, followed by cost (67%), and effort (55%). The top three skills that employees in Singapore consider important to learn are data analytics, critical thinking, and active learning.

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Daylon Soh, Founder and General Manager of CuriousCore, commented, “A lot has changed in the way we live and work. Industries and jobs have evolved, accelerated by automation and artificial intelligence that require greater agility and adaptability from employees. It is good that Singapore employees are keen to reskill to prepare themselves for opportunities in new industries.”