Employees in Singapore urged to identify career opportunities

The government plans to utilise data and artificial intelligence (AI) to generate personalised career insights for workers.
By: | November 3, 2022

As the Singapore government invests in schemes to reskill and train workers, they must also learn to identify career opportunities in the economy, set long-term career goals and take proactive steps towards achieving them, said Manpower Minister Tan See Leng. 

A strong economy remains the “essential foundation and key driver” of creating opportunities for Singaporeans. The government, said Tan, will continue to build on this by setting the country’s long-term economic vision through the Singapore Economy 2030 plan, keeping pace with disruptions through the Industry Transformation Maps and Job Transformation Maps, and staying open to global talent, reported the Business Times

The government plans to utilise data and AI to generate personalised career insights so workers have information on what opportunities are available and the pathways to get there. This personalised career plan will be regularly updated to keep abreast of industry developments, and the evolving needs and interests of workers, who will be provided with more career coaching opportunities.

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The government is also exploring how to provide better support to displaced workers. “The goal is to help as many workers as we can to bounce back into a job, by encouraging them, inspiring them to be persistent and by enabling them to be effective in their job search,” said the minister.