Employees in Thailand struggling to manage work stress

The main causes of burnout include long working hours, an inflexible organisational structure, and a lack of proper tools for work.
By: | August 30, 2022

The majority of the Thai workforce is facing burnout, warned the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC).

“A recent survey found that many employees are suffering from burnout syndrome. This happens to all groups of working people — company employees, state enterprise workers and civil servants,” said NESDC secretary-general Danucha Pichayanan.

Working conditions should therefore be improved to meet the needs of workers, he said, adding that “new working environments should be created to increase motivation among workers”, including introducing projects that encourage creativity and improve mental health.

The main causes of burnout are long days of hard work, an inflexible organisational structure, a lack of proper tools for work, and irresponsible supervisors, reported The Nation Thailand

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A recent survey by Mahidol University revealed that 12% of 1,280 Bangkok workers polled were suffering from burnout syndrome while another 57% were at risk. A separate survey by Adecco Group in 2021 outlined the same sentiments and found that over 40% of employees worldwide were suffering from burnout.