Engaging employees leads to higher revenue growth: Aon

Investing in employee engagement can lead to tangible dividends in the form of increased revenue, a new study says.
By: | October 9, 2018


Every 5% increase in employee engagement corresponds to a 3% increase in revenues, according to Aon, the professional services and risk consulting group, in a study it conducted accompanying its annual Best Employers Program in the Philippines.

High engagement occurs, the report suggests, when employees feel that they are respected by their employers, and recognised for their work.

Average engagement score in the Philippines is 88%, compared to the market average of 72%, according to Aon’s data.

Getting people positively engaged can make them far more switched in their role as employees, said Aon Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Philippines CEO Andrew Minnitt.

The importance of recognition cannot be overstated, in some instances recognition is almost as important as salary, he said.