Firms in Australia learn to support employees facing family violence

Over 3,500 downloads of a podcast signal Australians’ active engagement with the government’s paid FDV leave initiative.
By: | March 1, 2024

In the past six months, Australians have actively sought information on the government’s initiative regarding paid family and domestic violence (FDV) leave, as evidenced by over 3,500 downloads of the Small Business, Big Impact: How to Support Employees Experiencing Family and Domestic Violence Leave podcast. This podcast initiative aims to engage a broader audience in discussions on how small businesses can effectively support and respond to employees facing or at risk of FDV.

Amanda Rishworth, Australia’s Minister for Social Services, emphasised the critical role workplaces play in addressing family violence, saying, “We are committed to ensuring survivors of FDV receive the support they need in and outside of the workplace without risking their safety. Our goal is to educate as many Australians as possible on the wide range of support services and entitlements available to them and their loved ones.”

Available to all Australian employees, including casual employees, the initiative grants 10 days of paid leave annually. Launched in August 2023, and hosted by Gretel Killeen, the podcast aims to assist small businesses in sensitively and legally administering this leave entitlement. It also provides guidance on trauma-informed responses and aids employees in their transition back to work after experiencing such challenges.

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Luke Achterstraat, Chief Executive of the Council of Small Business Organisations Australia, hailed the podcast as instrumental in helping small businesses comprehend their responsibilities and extend support to their employees. With over five million people employed by small businesses, ensuring adequate support in instances of domestic and family violence remains a priority, he concluded.