Flexibility as the key to HR technology implementation

Implementing an effective HR strategy for the future is more about its ability to adapt, than its value as a permanent solution, explains Stephanie Morton.
By: | May 9, 2019


The first-ever HR Festival Asia, brought to you by the combined experience of HR Technology Conference & Exposition (US) and HR Summit (Asia), takes over the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on May 8 and 9.

With a line-up of more than 100 speakers across six dedicated streams, and an Expo Hall with more than 100 exhibitors, there’s a little something for everyone at the event.

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Siemens is a multinational conglomerate but embodies one consistent trait, regardless of industry or geographical location: innovation. Stephanie Morton, Global Talent Acquisition Manager with Siemens.shared her insights into revolutionary recruitment technology on HR Festival Asia’s HR Tech stage this afternoon.

“We believe in flexibility over permanency,” she revealed. That  is the basis on which Siemens is bringing its unique brand of innovation to the world. Its foray into the HR arena is founded on a tripartite platform of candidates, technology, and recruiters.

Morton explained that candidates with certain in-demand skills can receive between eight and 12 offers every day. Instead of showcasing themselves on platforms like LinkedIn, these individuals are “going dark” and hiding their profiles.

Her assessment of current HR technology is that it is still nascent, but that certain companies show brilliant promise. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not massive multinationals but often smaller startups. Stephanie revealed that one such partner with whom she works has a workforce of just three people.

Regarding recruiters, she said that Siemens was making the shift to intelligent automation. In this regard,, it adopts a marketing-based approach to talent acquisition that is reminiscent more of a marketing campaign than of HR.

Stephanie noted that the push towards digital recruitment and talent management can be a bumpy road. “We have to be conscious of applying tech responsibly, which means identifying issues like bias as we deploy these seemingly excellent solutions.”