Flexible work arrangements prevail among organisations in New Zealand

Organisations in New Zealand are embracing flexible work with four out of five offering flexible hours and over two-fifths allowing remote work.
By: | March 27, 2024

Organisations in New Zealand are rapidly adopting flexible work arrangements, with a significant number offering flexible hours and remote work options to their employees, according to Stats NZ.

The survey, conducted from August to November 2023, found that four out of five organisations across the country offer flexible working hours. This number jumps to 90% for large organisations with over 100 employees.

Furthermore, more than two-fifths of organisations extended the option of working from home to their employees, with approximately 14% of the workforce taking advantage of this opportunity on a typical working day. The information media and telecommunications industry leads the way in remote work adoption, with 30% of its workforce working from home daily.

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The survey also revealed industry variations. Sectors like professional services, information media, finance, and part-time work showed a higher prevalence of flexible work and support provisions. In contrast, industries like hospitality, agriculture, and repair services were less likely to offer work-from-home options, reported China Daily.

Ricky Ho, Business Performance Manager for Stats NZ, said, “Larger organisations were more likely to offer health and wellbeing support, and to offer beyond what is required by law for parental leave, redundancy, and illness or injury provisions.”