Foreign professionals in Taiwan may be exempted from proficiency exams

Accredited foreign professionals, including doctors, dentists, and pharmacists, soon may not need to take proficiency exams to start working in Taiwan.
By: | November 8, 2018


Foreign professionals planning to work in Taiwan may soon be exempted from proficiency exams, thanks to a new legislative amendment.

The changes apply to professionals who require licenses to do their work, such as medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, dietitians, and veterinarians.

Under the revised Professionals and Technologists Examination Act, if these professionals hold qualifications certified by their country of origin, they can instead get tested on their capabilities and work experience individually.

Currently, foreign professionals need to take proficiency exams regardless of experience, before they can work in Taiwan.

It is hoped that the changes will reduce bureaucratic delay, and enable qualified foreign professionals to start working in Taiwan quicker.

Hoping to retain a favourable image as a working destination, the Taiwanese government seeks to attract foreign talent to fill the gap left behind by young Taiwanese workers enticed to work abroad.

Earlier this year, it launched a scheme combining a work permit, residency visa, alien residency permit and re-entry permit to appeal to foreign workers.

Additional perks were also included such as income tax reductions to attract foreign talents.