Fostering a culture of inclusivity and excellence in HR

The win as Employer of Choice demonstrates UOB Thailand’s commitment to fostering employee morale, retention, and business success.
By: | June 7, 2024

UOB Thailand wins Employer of Choice at HR Fest Awards 2024.

UOB Thailand’s recent win at HR Fest Awards 2024 for Employer of Choice is a testament to its commitment to fostering a strong and inclusive work environment. This achievement goes beyond just attracting top talent; it reflects a deep understanding of how organisational culture directly impacts employee morale, retention, and ultimately, business success.

Following the acquisition of Citibank’s retail business in 2022, a central focus for UOB Thailand has been ensuring a smooth integration process. As Sasiwimol Arayawattanapong, Head of Human Resources at UOB Thailand, told HRM Magazine Asia, “A critical part of the transition plan has been making employees and customers feel that we are One UOB.”

“Internally, we have continued to emphasise One UOB through the UOB Way; inspiring by the same purpose (Building the future of ASEAN), practising similar core values (Honourable, Enterprising, United, Committed), and promising to treat each other well according to our people philosophy (Trust, Growth, Care).”

Sasiwimol highlighted that the UOB Way is a long-term mindset to strike the right balance between work and personal life, which guides the people programmes, policies, and initiatives the bank creates. “With the holistic actions, we believe that we are and be able to remain our position as being number one in employee pride that in turn positively impacts our business performance and sustainability,” she added.

UOB Thailand recognises the importance of continuous learning and development for a thriving workforce. Sasiwimol shared the bank’s training programmes that cater to both soft and technical skills, with dedicated tracks for people managers (coaching, mentoring) and individual contributors (design thinking, growth mindset).

Recognising the evolving nature of the financial services industry, UOB Thailand also offers future-focused programmes in data analytics, AI, project management, and data storytelling. A separate Leadership Acceleration Programme allows high-potential employees to network across functions and explore career opportunities.

The effectiveness of these programmes is evident in employee feedback as Sasiwimol explained, “With the holistic development path, employees provided good feedback through our annual employee engagement survey. A total of 88% responded that the training programmes equipped them with the relevant skills required for their development, while 83% felt that there are excellent career opportunities at our bank.”

UOB Thailand is also a champion of diversity and inclusion. Their commitment to equal opportunity hiring is reflected in their workforce dynamics – women comprise a significant majority of their permanent employees (73%) and new hires (77%), and hold 70% of senior management positions reporting directly to the CEO. They actively partner with organisations like the Association for Professional Development for the Blind in Thailand, creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

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Beyond recruitment, UOB fosters an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. Performance evaluations are based on objective criteria, and the Diversity of Generation training programme promotes understanding and collaboration across age groups. Organisational-wide policies like annual Code of Conduct refreshers ensure a respectful and professional workplace culture.

In addition to fostering diversity and inclusion, UOB Thailand prioritises employee wellbeing by providing access to a range of facilities and wellness initiatives. Employees have ample opportunities to unwind and recharge, from common gathering areas and fitness rooms to massage facilities and recreational spaces. By promoting a healthy work-life balance and offering amenities accessible to all, UOB Thailand demonstrates its commitment to creating a supportive and enriching work environment for its diverse workforce.