Gen Z ushers new workplace norms in Australia

In contrast to older generations of employees, Gen Z is leading in demand for regular workplace feedback in Australia.
By: | August 25, 2023

Gen Z is emerging as the group of employees most eager for regular feedback and acknowledgement in workplaces across Australia.

Specifically, 54% of Gen Z employees expressed a desire for praise from their bosses for their work efforts multiple times a week, according to a study by Australian research group McCrindle. Following closely behind, Gen Y employees exhibit a similar inclination, with 45% expressing a similar desire for frequent praise.

In contrast, Gen X employees are demonstrating a lower demand for consistent feedback, with only 28% of respondents in this cohort expressing the same preference. Baby Boomers are the least likely to seek regular praise, with only 17% indicating a need for such acknowledgement.

The study highlighted the aspiration of Gen Z and younger employees for an environment that consistently recognises their accomplishments. In contrast, older generations display a reduced demand for frequent feedback, attributed to their seasoned confidence in their roles.

For a deeper understanding of Gen Z’s role within the workplace, and what organisations can do to attract and retain a new generation of employees, HR Tech Fest Connect 2023, organised by HRM Asia, is featuring a special panel discussion titled Gen Z Rising in Asia: A Dynamic Force for Organisational Change.

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Moderated by Dr Sandhya Karpe, Human Capital Center Leader, Asia and Programme Director of Asia Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council, The Conference Board, the panel discussion will also discuss how organisations can manage a multi-generational workforce and create an inclusive workplace that provides fair opportunities for all employees.

Joining Dr Sandhya in this engaging panel are Ruth Gellert-Neale, Chief Human Resources Officer Technology, APAC and EMEA, JLL Technologies; David Lim, SVP Human Resources, PVH Corp; and Wong Yang Sheng, Head of HR, Singapore, Australia, and Brunei, Standard Chartered Bank. Click here to be part of this exciting discussion on Gen Z in the workplace!