Get into the local-motion with Far East Hospitality

If you are looking to eat, play, explore, and simply live like a local, you can do it in style with Far East Hospitality's Village Residences.
By: | April 24, 2019
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When in Rome, do as the Romans do – and when in Singapore, it’s also worth taking a local perspective on things. That’s the philosophy that Far East Hospitality is leveraging with its exciting Village brand of serviced residences.

Singapore is well- renowned for its perfectly manicured parks and streets, glossy air-conditioned malls, and towering hotels and skyscrapers.

While attractions like Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road, and Sentosa Island have put Singapore on the global map, the delights extend well beyond this Southern triangle.

For the urban explorer looking to experience Singapore at its most true and authentic, their best bet will be to venture off the beaten path to lesser-known spots that only the locals typically frequent.

Far East Hospitality’s Village brand of hotels and serviced residences offers this key cultural component alongside the anticipatory service that guests have come to expect with each stay.

So if you are looking to eat, play, explore, and simply live like a local, you can do it in style with two of its centrally located serviced residences – Village Residence Clarke Quay and Village Residence Robertson Quay.

Both are close to all the action that the city has in store for business travellers, but each also offers a distinct cultural experience that will bring visitors closer to the Singapore that locals know and love.

All guests have access to the Village Passport, a travel guide that highlights some of the best shopping, dining, and sightseeing spots for newcomers. At Village

Residence Clarke Quay, Front Office staff also lead a personalised two- hour tour of nearby attractions, including the Budhha Relics Temple, Chinatown, and Pagoda Bridge.

Other cultural activities across both properties include Botanic Gardens walks, regular festival celebrations, and even introductions to authentic local cuisine, with kitchen tips and recipe cards to help replicate the fare at home.

Above: Village Residence Clarke Quay | Top of page: Village Residence Robertston Quay

At the heart of it all

Although Singapore is a small island, location of accommodation is key for convenient access to both the hidden spots and the main tourist hubs.

Located in the middle of all the key happenings is Village Residence Clarke Quay. The serviced apartment is only a short walk away from the scenic Singapore River, the bustling nightlife district of Clarke Quay, and Chinatown.

One of the things residents will notice as they enter Village Residence Clarke Quay is the Straits Chinese influences and design touches in the property.

The Straits Chinese are the descendants of Chinese immigrants from the southern provinces who first settled in the Malay Archipelago, including Singapore, in the 16th Century.

That is matched by an enthusiastic and highly-trained staff, who are ready to serve and share many of the historical and modern secrets of the cosmopolitan area.

Further down the Singapore River – and offering a completely different vibe and atmosphere – is Village Residence Roberston Quay. The location is ideal for families looking for a quieter and more relaxed experience.

They can explore the picturesque riverside parks and promenades, with an array of international cuisines and award-winning restaurants and cafes right at their Village Residence doorstep.


Insider tips

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We asked staff from Village Residence Clarke Quay and Village Residence Robertson Quay for their best tips on how expats can truly “live like a local”. These were their two most common pieces of advice:

Go where the locals go

The heritage site of Tiong Bahru has to be one of Singapore’s most charming districts. Former residential blocks, which dominate the landscape, have been converted over the years into hip cafes, restaurants, book stores, clothing shops, and spas.

Chinatown is another unexpected local haunt. This area has undergone massive changes over the years, becoming more cosmopolitan with the introduction of malls and international brands.

Still, it remains the best place to score a good deal for food products like Bird’s Nest and bakkwa (pork jerky), or simply to enjoy a piping hot serving of Yong Tau Foo.

Learn the lingo

A first-time visitor to Singapore might notice the widespread usage of Singaporean slang words (or Singlish). Take the time to read up on the history and key parts of this not-so-secret language (the Village Passport comes with a handy colloquial language guide) and guests will soon be connecting with their new homeland at a truly local level.