Heineken launches #WorkResponsibly campaign in Singapore

The campaign addresses Singapore's overwork culture and stresses the importance of employees investing time in their social lives.
By: | April 13, 2023

While many Singaporeans acknowledge the importance of maintaining a social life outside of work, not everyone is successful in disconnecting from work.

A survey commissioned by Heineken, for example, showed that work commitments is the top reason (49%) that employees in Singapore are ‘ghosting’ their friends. ‘Ghosting’ refers to the sudden and unexplained discontinuation of communication with someone and refers to not showing up for social activities or being late.

Although 79% of respondents agree that it is important to have a social life outside of work, 44% still admit to “ghosting” their friends. This in turn, has led Heineken to launch a new campaign in Singapore to raise awareness about the overworking culture prevalent in the country and encourage young millennials and Gen Zs to work responsibly.

The campaign, dubbed #WorkResponsibly and created in collaboration with South Korean actor Park Hyung-Sik, focuses on encouraging young millennials and Gen Zs to prioritise their work-life balance and avoid “ghosting” their friends due to work commitments.

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Gerald Yeo, Marketing Director of Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore, said, “As the world’s most valuable international premium beer brand, we are proud to champion the importance of work-life balance and responsible drinking. Our commitment to brewing the joy of true togetherness is at the heart of our latest #WorkResponsibly campaign.”

According to statistics released by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, employees in Singapore work an average of 44.3 hours per week, a reflection of the longer hours employees are putting in because of the constant pressure they are experiencing in today’s hyperconnected world.