In sight, in mind: Getting noticed in the recruitment process

Applicants stand a better chance of getting the job if they stay in the mind of recruiters reviewing multiple candidates.
By: | August 4, 2023

Job applicants, after applying for available jobs, should follow up on the application with a personalised email to the company hiring manager or a message via LinkedIn to ensure that they can stand out from other applicants in the recruitment stage. 

This was advice provided by Nolan Church, CEO of Continuum and a former Google and DoorDash recruiter, who explained that this step would go a long way to getting noticed by recruiters, and that most aspiring job applicants would often miss out on this step when sending their resumes. Using his personal experience as a recruiter at DoorDash, Church explained that job applicants who push personalised emails to CEOs would get emails sent directly to hiring managers, who are likely to call the respondents 90% of the time.

Urging candidates not to be intimidated by the organisations and their sizes before applying to their management heads, Church encouraged applicants to add the CEO and hiring managers on corporate social networking sites, and then search for their email addresses via social media accounts or the organisation’s website.

Next, he suggested that applicants write a message with a short introduction about themselves, the position applied for, and why the candidate would befit the role and company. “You could do that in six sentences,” Church said. Being able to stand out from other candidates and explain why they are a good fit for the role, he added, shows that the applicant has done research about the job position and is committed to getting it. 

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“In a perfect recruiting process, both sides are assessing each other,” Church concluded. “And if you have already started that process, you’re actually making my life a lot easier.”