Indonesia advocates workplace safety and health

Organisations have been urged to implement and observe labour norms that address wages, social assistance, as well as work safety and health.
By: | October 10, 2022

Indonesia’s Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah has called on employers to implement labour norms in the workplace, especially those in relation to workplace safety and health. 

“All norms must be implemented by employers or employees to achieve social justice and well-being that ensure business continuity and protection of workers,” she said in a virtual discussion on work safety and health organised by the ministry. 

Labour norms like wage, social assistance, and work safety and health norms should be implemented and observed by stakeholders, she said, according to Antara

The minister also praised organised discussion sessions that aimed at disseminating information and enhancing public knowledge on employment norms and their implementation.

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Collaboration between stakeholders in the employment sector is essential to maintain progress made to reverse the economic decline caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the minister noted.

“Our success to improve our economic conditions and the employment sector during the pandemic had been achieved through collaborative and innovative works that we all exerted,” the minister stated.