Indonesia focuses on female workers’ health and welfare

Companies in Indonesia have been urged to invest in female workers’ health to increase business productivity and employee loyalty.
By: | October 13, 2022

The protection and fulfilment of female workers’ welfare would help enhance a firm’s image and improve business productivity.

“If there is no control or effort on reproductive health, especially for female workers with special competencies, it will affect the company’s production process,” said Syahrul Efendi Panjaitan from Indonesia’s Directorate of Productive Age and Elderly Health of the Health Ministry (Kemenkes).

Citing research, he said that companies that invest in workers’ health, which include reproductive health, gain benefits like a threefold increase in productivity, 50% lower incidence of injuries and a fivefold increase in worker loyalty, reported Antara

There is also an increase in customer confidence in the products of companies that care about gender, have positive corporate brand values, minimal employee turnover due to specific health problems, and see a rise in employee productivity, Syahrul added.

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He also urged companies to provide workplace facilities like breastfeeding rooms and clinics to improve the health of Indonesian women. “Companies are obliged to provide them. If they cannot provide them directly, they can cooperate with a third party, [allowing their workers access to reproductive health services]”.