Indonesia preps more women for work in industrial sector

The Industry Ministry is training more women to master the latest technologies to support innovation and increase productivity in the industrial sector.
By: | August 13, 2021

Arus Gunawan, head of industrial human resources development at the Industry Ministry, said this move will help the country compete globally. He added, “This strategic step is in accordance with the priority programmes in the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap. We are ready to develop reliable human resources who can keep up with the current development of the 4.0 industry.” 

Besides investment and technology, skilled human resources are key for boosting industry capabilities, and Indonesia has a large pool of “productive” human resources based on its demographics. 

The country is aiming to be among the 10 countries with the strongest economies in the world by 2030 with its Making Indonesia 4.0 initiative. As such, the Industry Ministry has launched many programmes and activities related to industrial vocational education, he added. 

In addition, the ministry is engaging movements such as Prospera (Indonesia-Australia partnership programme for the economy) to enhance the role of women in the development of industrial vocational education. 

Data from a gender-based study on the education programmes in Indonesia by Prospera will be used to formulate policies to raise gender equality in the industrial sector, said Iken Retnowulan, head of industrial vocational education development at the Industry Ministry. 

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Meanwhile, lead advisor of Markets Prospera, Julia Tijaja, said that the digital potential can be optimised for traditional sectors, such as for ensuring higher women’s participation in vocational education, according to Daily Express.