Indonesia urges private sector to form digital talent ecosystem

The government is encouraging the private sector to contribute in shaping the digital talent ecosystem in the country.
By: | May 13, 2022

This call was made by Chief of the Presidential Staff Moeldoko, who said, “From the target of the development programme of 100,000 digital talents in Indonesia, currently, around 60,000 digital talents have been created. The government really lauds the cooperation of the private sector that supports the formation of a digital ecosystem in Indonesia.”

The government is committed to supporting the national digital talent development and one manifestation of that commitment is to intensify vocational education, said Moeldoko.

“Hence, the government also continues to encourage other innovations from the private sector, especially in shaping digital talents in Indonesia,” he said.

Moeldoko made these statements while visiting the Huawei Indonesia Headquarters in Jakarta.

The Presidential Staff Office (KSP) had, in October 2020, signed a memorandum of understanding with Huawei Indonesia to develop 100,000 digital talents in Indonesia.

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Moeldoko stressed the importance of cooperation between the government and the private sector such as Huawei Indonesia. This is because by 2030, Indonesia requires 9 million workers who are qualified in the field of advanced digital technology expertise such as cloud, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, 5G and the Internet of Things, according to Antara.