Indonesia’s VP urges workers to increase their preparedness

High unemployment and low competitive edge are the result of workers' unpreparedness to adapt to changes in the job market and industry, he said.
By: | June 11, 2021

The inability to adapt to changes has led to a failure to deal with disruption, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said at a national event on vocation and entrepreneurship in West Java.  

As such, speed, accuracy and efficiency are needed to lay an important foundation to train competent human capital in order to compete with other countries in the current era of digital technology, he said. 

He urged regional governments, private parties, academics, social organisations and religious institutions such as Islamic boarding schools, to work in tandem with the central government to create a reliable workforce as the government cannot work alone. 

One of the most important tasks for human resource managers is to train staff in digital technology, including big data, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, he said. 

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The unemployment rate in the country has been increasing due to the pandemic. According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the number of unemployed has reached 19.1 million, he said, adding that, though the working age population continues to increase, the number of people who have received job training remains very small, according to Antara News.