Is waiting two years before a job switch a wise move?

Employees who change jobs too often are at a disadvantage when it comes to applying for new jobs, warns Kevin O’Leary.
By: | December 27, 2023

When is a good time to switch over to a new job? Perhaps shifting too soon would be a problem, shared Canadian businessman and television star Kevin O’Leary.

His opinion? Employees should wait two years before transitioning careers, despite the growing trend of young professionals changing jobs frequently. O’Leary noted that he was not a fan of employees changing jobs until they had put in at least two years of effort. 

The Shark Tank star laid out his rationale for his opinion, namely that employees who transitioned between different organisations too often were glaring red flags who were not doing their best to excel in their roles. He noted that since organisations invested in new employees through onboarding and training, employees who leave after a few months or so would essentially be a wasted investment. It is a major red flag to other employers who may think twice before, in turn, investing its resources in them.

He also reasoned that changing jobs too quickly gives the impression to potential employers that employees were not giving them their all, as employees who were not trying everything to excel in their current roles were, in his opinion, just looking to escape.

“If you can hang in for a minimum of 24 months and you’re still on an upward trajectory and want to make a move because you feel as though you’ve maxed out in that particular situation, that’s okay,” suggested O’Leary. 

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The goal, said O’Leary, is to try everything available in their current jobs, giving it their all for at least two years, reported GoBankingRates. It allows employees to show present and future employers that they are available while also giving them time to get used to the duties of the job at hand.