At Far East Hospitality, it’s all about the family

Far East Hospitality – a leading hotels and serviced residences provider – believes that treating employees well is the key to business success.
By: | July 3, 2019

There is a saying in business – that happy staff make for happy customers. This is certainly the case at Far East Hospitality – a leading and home-grown hotels and serviced residences operator – which has consistently been one of the top corporate accommodation providers in Singapore.

Just ask two of its employees: Residence Manager Ace Tan, and Sales Manager Pearlyn Lim, who agree the secret to good customer service, starts with a positive employee experience and people management.

Tan, the Residence Manager at the Village Residence Robertson Quay, is a veteran in the hospitality industry, having made her first foray into the industry with Far East Hospitality’s Front Office department 16 years ago.

She credits her longevity in the industry to supportive bosses and the organisation’s many attractive employee programmes and benefits.

“I was given a lot of opportunities, and there were many training and sharing sessions conducted over the years that helped me to perform well in my roles,” says Tan.

She further shares that the organisation is pro-family and provides generous medical benefits, not just for employees, but their immediate families as well.

Employee benefits in the form of annual birthday stays at one of the organisation’s many properties, and the Employee of the Month programme, are just some of the other reasons that make Far East Hospitality a great place to work at, she says.

As Residence Manager of Village Residence Robertson Quay, Tan is in charge of ensuring that guests’ needs are taken care of, her team members are happy, and the property is well maintained. She also pays it forward by grooming others with leadership aspirations.

Daily briefing sessions at the start of each shift, where Tan and her staff talk about “everything under the sun”, including their pain points and career goals, are how she keeps her employees happy and engaged.

“My team members are like my children. We are like family here, and there is no finger-pointing or blame games,” Tan says, adding that this culture of inclusivity has also influenced guest relations in a massive way.

The organisation also believes in empowering employees across all levels. Sales Manager Pearlyn Lim says this is evident in the way things are run at the corporate end.

For Lim, this culture of empowerment has allowed her to perform more effectively in her role as a Sales Manager, despite her being a newcomer in the industry.

“I am provided with the autonomy to customise our packages according to my clients’ needs, thus ensuring greater value and satisfaction for my clients,” she shares.

This type of customisation and flexibility is not lost on clients, and Lim says this quality is what customers love most about working with Far East Hospitality.

“They tell me that Far East Hospitality, despite being a big organisation, does listen to its customers’ requirements.”

Certainly, Far East Hospitality has been able to position itself as one of the region’s trusted brands because of passionate employees like Tan and Lim, who feel the organisation has played a huge role in keeping them motivated.

“We have been able to give our best because our company has so generously invested in us over the years, not just as workers, but also as individuals with ambitions,” Tan says.


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