Japanese firms recruiting directly in South Korea

Japanese firms keen on hiring highly motivated South Koreans organised a local recruitment event in the country.
By: | November 13, 2018


Over 100 Japanese firms conducted job interviews in Seoul as part of efforts to attract foreign talents to Japan.

South Korea’s employment and labour ministry and other groups had organised the recruitment event for South Korean students and other job seekers who want to work at Japanese firms.

To attract applicants, some firms promised to foot all travel expenses for the upcoming round of interviews in Japan.

A Tokyo-based transportation company official said that the transportation industry may not attract young Japanese workers, but that South Koreans are highly enthusiastic to take it on.

A fresh South Korean graduate said just getting a job interview is difficult at home because companies in her country place much more credence on the academic background.

Unemployment is much higher among youths in South Korea at more than 10%.