Jobseekers in Singapore flock to MNCs for growth and global experience

Amidst a talent crunch, employees in Singapore are seeking to join global MNCs, drawn by career advancement and diverse work environments.
By: | November 15, 2023

Nine in 10 employees in Singapore are aspiring to join multi-national corporations (MNCs), with nearly three in five already looking for a new job or planning to do so in the next six months.

This was one of the key findings from G-P’s Global Growth Report: The Rise of the Everywhere Workforce, which found that 93% of respondents from Singapore are seeking opportunities to join global corporations, exceeding the global average of 79%. Over 90% of respondents from Singapore believe that organisations actively recruiting internationally present greater prospects for advancing their professional career goals.

The appeal of joining global corporations is due to the perception that global MNCs excel in various aspects, including generating and supporting international clients (61%), adopting and implementing the latest technologies and tools (59%), and attracting top talent (52%). Many respondents also expressed their desire to join MNCs due to the potential for better compensation and benefits (62%), more options to travel or work abroad (62%), and even exposure to a culturally diverse work environment (53%).

These results emerge as organisations in Singapore continue to face a growing talent shortage, prompting a growing acceptance of hiring practices beyond national borders. Survey respondents highlighted the significance of acknowledging work preferences and cultivating essential leadership qualities, such as establishing clear boundaries for employees across different countries regarding work arrangements, fostering inclusive leadership that promotes cultural sensitivity training across different regions, and adopting flexible leadership approaches to successfully manage an everywhere workforce.

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Charles Ferguson, General Manager, G-P Asia Pacific, said, “Embracing a global mindset, thinking beyond geographical boundaries and creating a workplace culture that fosters international collaboration will not only help overcome talent limitations but also position organisations in Singapore for sustainable growth and success in an increasingly interconnected world.”