Lendlease employees give back on Community Day

Employees at Lendlease dedicated more than 1,300 volunteer hours in just one day, across seven different community outreach projects.
By: | October 5, 2018


Some 250 employees at Lendlease in Singapore came together to “give back”, logging more than 1,300 hours of volunteer work on seven different employee-led community activities in just one day.

One such activity was “plogging”, a combination of jogging and picking up litter that has become a global trend in recent years.

Another activity saw volunteers donning aprons to help pack and prepare meals at Willing Hearts, a soup kitchen in Singapore. These meals were distributed to the elderly, the disabled, migrant workers, and low-income families across the island.

These activities are part of Lendlease’s Community Day, a global initiative by the property infrastructure group that is now in its 23rd year.

Lendlease says that this year, more than 3,000 people from Asia, Australia, the United States and Europe are taking part in more than 200 Community Day projects, volunteering alongside their colleagues, community partners, families and suppliers to bring positive impact to their local communities.

“Since its inception in 1996, Community Day has been a big part of our history and culture,” said Michael Long, Head of Sustainability for Lendlease in Asia.

“We believe that these activities provide a platform for our employees to apply their experience and skills to make a difference, and bring positive contribution to our local communities, which in turn creates a synergy across work, community, and personal well-being.”