Low Peck Kem named President of APFHRM

Low will help the Asia-Pacific Federation of Human Resources Management (APFHRM) propel the HR industry forward in Asia and beyond.
By: | July 3, 2023

Low Peck Kem has been appointed as the President of the Asia-Pacific Federation of Human Resources Management (APFHRM). Having previously served as a Former President and Council Member of the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI), Low officially assumed the role on 1 July 2023, for a term spanning two years.

The APFHRM is a conglomerate of HR professionals and practitioners, comprising 17 member countries from the Asia-Pacific region. Its aim is to propel the HR industry forward, and Low’s appointment as President is expected to enhance and further solidify the influence and standing of the federation within the region and beyond.

In addition to her role as President of APFHRM, Low will also serve as a board member of the World HR Federation, highlighting her expertise and recognition in the global HR community.

To support the mission of the APFHRM, SHRI has unveiled a strategic plan that focuses on six key pillars, which aim to enrich the HR landscape both regionally and globally:

  1. HR Tech Incubation: Encouraging and supporting the development of innovative HR technologies.
  2. HR Advocacy: Reinforcing the importance and role of HR in driving successful and sustainable organisations.
  3. HR Industry Research Hub: Spearheading and disseminating vital industry research to advance HR practices.
  4. HR Development: Cultivating a learning environment for HR professionals to excel and thrive.
  5. HR Innovation Challenge: Fostering a culture of creative problem-solving to address HR challenges.
  6. Online Resources – Offering comprehensive online resources for the benefit of HR professionals worldwide.

Through these initiatives, SHRI is committed to driving collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange among the member countries of APFHRM, said SHRI. By focusing on these key areas, SHRI aims to empower HR professionals and contribute to the advancement of HR practices regionally and globally.