Malaysia set to sign labour deal with Nepal

The two countries are close to finalising an agreement which lays out mandates for the supply of Nepalese workers to Malaysia.
By: | September 3, 2018

The governments of Malaysia and Nepal are soon expected to sign a labour deal that will resume the entry of Nepalese workers to Malaysia through a business-to-business model, rather than government-to-government.

The supply of workers from Nepal to Malaysia has been halted since May following the crackdown by the government of Nepal on the Immigration Security Clearance and One Stop Centre that had been imposing additional charges on Nepali migrant workers.

Mahesh Prasad Dahal, secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security in Nepal, said that the Nepalese government has already extended an invitation to the Malaysian labour minister for the signing of the agreement sometime this month, even though the document is still in the process of validation by both sides.

The proposed labour agreement will provide a framework for which private sector organisations can supply Nepalese workers to Malaysia. It will provide mandates for fair treatment in terms of compensation and benefits, workplace safety, and visa logistics, among other matters.