Male employees in Singapore feel more anxiety over job security 

Organisations can do more to build trust so employees that their efforts are recognised, while providing more development opportunities
By: | August 16, 2023

Over four in 10 male employees in Singapore do not feel secure in their jobs, with over six in 10 considering moving to an industry less likely to be affected by economic uncertainty. 

Male employees are not the only ones feeling job insecurity woes: 34% of female employees are also anxious over job insecurity, according to ADP Research Institute’s People at Work 2023: A Global Workforce View report, which surveyed over 1900 employees in Singapore.

In terms of age groups, employees between the ages of 25-34 feel the most vulnerable at work at 41.9%, the largest amongst the other respondents. These job insecurity woes, ADP suggested, are likely affected by factors such as job cuts across different sectors and industries, as well as new and emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning. 

Yvonne Teo, Vice President of HR, APAC, ADP, added that the higher job insecurity amongst male employees can be attributed to the perception of male figures as the primary breadwinners in households, and the spate of layoffs at high-profile companies and talk of AI replacing people’s jobs,

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“It is also worth noting that employees’ perception of job security may not be reflective of the actual financial or automation state of the company, so it is important for employers to continuously build trust; assure their staff that they are valued; that their efforts are recognised; and provide development opportunities to prepare for the future, both from the workers and employers’ perspectives,” said Teo. 

Employees must embrace and accept that AI and machine learning will be common fixtures in the workplace, and it was vital for employees to commit to lifelong learning, upskilling, and reskilling to stay relevant, she concluded.