Measurement of employee performance lags despite recognition

While many organisations are looking into finding better ways to categorise employee performance, they are still not meeting expectations.
By: | April 19, 2024

More organisations are in the early phases of identifying better ways to measure employee performance and value, but few believe that their organisations are leading in this area.

This is based on recent global surveys conducted by Deloitte, with 14,000 respondents from 95 countries opining on how a combination of business and human outcomes can play a role in organisational success. Deloitte’s 2024 Global Human Capital Trends has identified seven trends that work towards organisational success, with analysis showing that organisations making meaningful progress on these key issues are nearly twice as likely to achieve desired business and human outcomes. 

While around half (54%) of respondents in South-East Asia agree that their organisation is in the early phases of identifying better ways to measure employee performance and value, less than one out of ten employees say their organisations are taking charge in this area.

77% of respondents in South-East Asia also shared that they believed it was important to ensure that human imagination kept pace with technological innovation, yet a mere 8% of organisations within the region were making meaningful progress toward achieving that balance. 77% of respondents in the region also believed that cultivating culture, fluidity, agility and diversity at the individual team or workgroup was very or critically important to their success.

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“With advances in technology, there is ample opportunity for organisations to tap on the power of data to measure employee performance – but they need to do so with purpose and transparency,” shared Mark Maclean, HR Transformation Leader, Deloitte South-East Asia. “Leaders need to move from measurement for measurement’s sake to in-depth analyses of performance. For this to work, they also need to earn their employees’ buy-in by effectively communicating the reasons behind data collection and establishing robust practices for privacy and data integrity.”